Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Back in the old days, Warehouse Management Systems were limited to inventory location information. Thanks to the advancements in today’s technology, its functionalities have multiplied immensely. Cutting-edge interactions like yard management and material-handling devices are now made possible.

A Warehouse Management System is an application that aids business owners in tracking and maintaining inventory and daily operations in the warehouse. WMS are very helpful in reducing errors during shipment. The system also helps businesses fill orders faster and more instantaneously by tracing the products order in the warehouse.

There are three kinds of Warehouse Management Systems that entrepreneurs can choose from:

1. ERP Modules.

Certain software companies like SAP have Warehouse Management integrated in their software. SAP Business One’s application provides the best functionality to help business owners meet inventory and product management needs and requirements. This WMS boosts on-time delivery and helps reduce shortage while offering support consignment, drop shipping and inventory valuation models.

Because SAP Business One is an integrated solution, it synchronizes financial accounting data, order and inventory. You get to manage inventory in various warehouses and locations using FIFO. What SAP Business One brings to the table is the latest in-memory computing technology at cost-effective prices.

2. Cloud-based Apps.

Better known as web-based SaaS (software as a service) that uses enterprise cloud technology, the advantages of using this include scalability, disaster recovery, versatility and security. The app also gets automatic updates without excessive capital expenses.

3. Standalone Warehouse Management System.

Standalone WMS is the counterpart of cloud-based apps because it works on-premise, implemented on a computer’s hardware and network. Some WMS systems come as third party, standalone solutions that need to be integrated to your present business management tool like SAP. This may sometimes post problems and complications like delay and silos, customization expenses, duplicate data and user-interface glitches.

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    Nice information. Warehouse management system is the key function of supply chain management. It needs to be optimized with the right selection of software to run your business fast. Cloud based system will improve the efficiency of supply chain. Thanks for sharing the above information.

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