Unlock business value by deploying on SAP HANA platform

Unlock business value by deploying on SAP HANA platform

Why would you deploy SAP Business One on SAP HANA? Let us look into the comprehensive value proposition that the platform can provide – not only from an analytical perspective, but also to your operational business processes.

DELL for Business One Philippines on SAP HANA

SAP HANA and Dell creates a value identification that examines different innovative use to see how they can support and even change your business.  You can utilize the new platform from SAP to improve business efficiency and achieve a higher return on your investment (ROI).

What is SAP HANA?

Here is a quick video about the new platform and why it s indeed one of the tools that can help your business grow.


Now that you know SAP HANA it is important that you also know the key benefits of utilizing SAP Business One on HANA with Dell?

  1. Utilize Dell SAP HANA use case library to accelerate the value identification process.
  2. Combine management consulting with IT know-how to see how SAP HANA can be used for analytical purposes, as well as to increase efficiency and lower business operation costs.
  3. Understand how SAP HANA deployment can aid your business to justify an investment.
  4. Build a business case, ROI study and deployment roadmap.
  5. Reduce risk by using Dell’s cloud-based proof of concept technology before you make a financial commitment.

DELL and SAP HANA for Business One

Dell’s SAP HANA value identification project includes:

  • Use cases:  Identify cases, that improve business processes, create efficiencies or reduce cost.
  • Value identification:  Examine and quantify  the use of case’s values.
  • Solution design:  Define the design at a high level, identifying what will have to change without going into detailed configuration steps.
  • Infrastructure design: Define the infrastructure, including the sizing of SAP HANA appliance.
  • Migration requirements and plan: Establish the approach, cost, duration and downtime of the migration.
  • Upgrade requirements and plan: Identify any necessary upgrades, including a high-level estimate of cost, duration and approach.
  • Roadmap development: Identify high-level deployment tasks and milestones, from hardware installation to execution of the changes, to the business processes and enhancements of the SAP system, including a rough-order-of-magnitude (ROM) estimate.
  • Support requirement and plan: Determine technical support such as for the SAP HANA appliance, as well as functional support that will be different from the current support framework.

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