Service Subscription Packages

We provide a complete suite of subscription services to ensure that your SAP software will be maintained and monitored by experts.
Let Mustard Seed Systems Corporation address all your business software challenges. We will proactively plan and monitor your software quality. You’ll enjoy enterprise-level service on a global scale and have MSSC technical experts always ready for you from setup to installation, to ongoing technical support services – we can help your organization work more productively.

Package Features silver gold platinum
Problem Response Time within 2 days or less within 24 hours within 4 hours
Helpdesk from Mon to Fri from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue
24-hour Solution Library yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue
12 Months Coverage yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue
Handled by a Technical/ Functional Consultant no-circle-gray yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue
On-site support visit per quarter no-circle-gray 1 2
Check-up call/visits no-circle-gray quarterly monthly
Problem escalation to Vendor no-circle-gray no-circle-gray yes-circle-blue

Package Description
Addresses basic customer issues that can be resolved easily. It is a more cost-efficient and convenient way for customers who can’t afford any business downtime. We take care of the basic issues while allowing you to focus on your day-to-day operations. Carefully designed and enhanced for a more profound and skilled approach to some of the issues that you may encounter along the way. It is a higher level of service that offers on-site assistance and quick response. Specially designed for larger, more complex business environments. This service is designed to meet the challenges caused by more complicated software issues. We carefully integrate various services into a comprehensive package to remediate issues and efficiently deliver your expectations.

Support Inclusions
  • yes-circle-blue License Import
  • yes-circle-blue Additional User Creation
  • yes-circle-blue Login and Authorization issues
  • yes-circle-blue System Errors Encountered
  • yes-circle-blue SAP Client Installation to New Workstation
  • yes-circle-blue New Version Upgrade
  • yes-circle-blue Minor Forms Adjustment
  • yes-circle-blue Connection to SLD Server Issues
  • yes-circle-blue Minor “How to” Inquiries
  • yes-circle-blue Virus Attack Management
  • yes-circle-blue Defective Workstation Issues
  • yes-circle-blue Unfitted Form Issues
  • yes-circle-blue Systems Inconsistency
  • yes-circle-blue “How to” Inquiries