From number of licenses to additional services, maintenance & support inclusions, features and functionalities, our diverse packages answer your needs no matter how big your business is. Not sure what’s the right package for you? We can help!

Different SAP Packages for your different Business needs

We know that different businesses from various sectors, have diverse needs as they are growing. Therefore, we have created multiple SAP Packages which are customized for your ever-changing demand – because your growth shouldn’t stop you from using the world’s #1 ERP software.

We have SAP Packages for every
stage of your Growth

There’s no need for you to switch to a whole new software just because you’re growing. With our SAP Packages, we got you covered.


Move from spreadsheets and accounting software to an automated system with the entry-level edition of SAP Business One. Our Starter Package spearheads your growth, without the complexity.


Ideal for small and medium businesses, the SAP Business One package is packed with functionalities that lets you experience visibility and streamlined processes once it’s fully deployed.


Prepare for exponential growth with the help of Microsoft Azure. This partnership between SAP and Microsoft brings you intelligence, security, and reliability to your SAP applications.


Run your entire business in an intelligent cloud ERP software suite. This is the most comprehensive, cloud-based edition for fast-growing enterprises with streamlined end-to-end process.


Act with live intelligence and modernize the way you analyze data with SAP HANA. It is a database management application for SMEs and large-scale businesses in the Philippines.
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