More than 140, 000 installations worldwide, 75, 000 customers and increasing, 120 countries, 45 localizations, offered in 37 languages, implemented in 25 industries, and the #1 ERP brand in the market – SAP is the existing industry standard worldwide. This tool is the leader in providing business solutions, especially in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This solution shaped organizations from different sectors, regardless of size or net worth.

ERP is software designed to integrate every functional business aspect, such as sales and distribution, finance, accounting, inventory, manufacturing, procurement of goods and services, human resource, production planning, logistics & warehouse management.

SAP ERP improves decision making by providing accurate data. This program assists in extending the business network to wider domains, expanding services to reach more customers, suppliers, and partners. The business owner can now identify risks in operations with the help of SAP ERP; thus, improving governance. Organizational data breaches and information leaks, even, security threats will be eliminated because this tool protects your data.

Business is rapidly changing and in this technologically-facilitated time, SAP ERP makes the enterprises adapt to customer needs, as it delivers long-term profit by increasing customer base.

Since ERP is a business management program, the company can use its applications to manage, store, collect, and interpret data from any area. This saves time, so employees can focus on more important aspects of business operation, promote collaboration among staff because data is shared across all units of the enterprise; in a synchronized manner. No need to worry about getting confused in tracking every transaction, for whenever information is required real-time, SAP ERP provides it.

SAP ERP makes business centralized, eliminating duplication and redundancy in data. It enhances product quality, inventory management; reduces material costs, makes human resource management effective; which results in better customer relationship.

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