SAP Business Intelligence, introducing BI360

SAP Business Intelligence, introducing BI360

Are you looking for a better SAP Business Intelligence? XLR will be phased out soon, most of you would be looking for a replacement such as Crystal Reports.  However, however most of the time, it will requires more maintenance. It is not as user-friendly and as flexible for reporting..  Let us introduce you to BI360, the newest product offering by SAP Philippines.

BI360 SAP business intelligence for business


What is BI360?

BI360 is an Excel and web-based reporting tool. It provides you an upgrade to an ultra-modern reporting solution that goes beyond what you are used to from XLR.

 What makes this new software an ideal SAP business intelligence? 

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider swithcing to this newest SAP business intelligence:

  • Both Excel and Web-based, and with mobile app
  • Real-time out-of-the-box integration to SAP Business One, as well as other many major ERPs
  • Financial Reporting (GL)
  • Operational Reporting (AP, AR, Sales, Projects, etc.)
  • Drill to transaction detail
  • Drag and Drop Report Design
  • Automated* report conversion from XLR to BI360
  • Presentation Quality Excel Formatting
  • Colors, logos, conditional formatting, grouping, charts, graphs & more!

With BI360 you can integrate it with 3rd party, custom tables/fields and other databases.  It has an integrated Business Intelligence Suite which provides a reporting, budgetting, dashboard and data warehouse modules.  Plus, modules work individually so you ca mix and match them depending on your company needs or you may opt for the complete suite..

BI360 as a complete SAP business intelligence suite

SAP Business Intelligence BI360

  • Reporting.  BI360 provides powerful, intuitive Excel-based report writer. Run reports in Excel, in a web browser or on mobile devices.
  • Budgeting.  It provides a complete budgeting, forecasting and modeling tool for divisional or enterprise-wide deployment
  • Dashboards.  Manage and easily get and understand reports.  Visualize trends, analyze your organization’s data with KPIs, charts, scorecards and more.
  • Data Warehouse.  BI360 has the next generation, pre-configured and quick-to-deploy data warehouse based on the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

SAP Philippines by Mustard Seed is the official partner of Solver Global for BI360.  If you are interested to know more about this latest SAP business intelligence which just arrived in the Philippines then just contact us.

Watch out for more updates on this latest SAP business intelligence that can be utilized by businesses here at SAP Philippines

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