Project Management MSSC SAPGone are the days when your boss or project head was the only person who called the shots when there are plans and assignments that needed execution and accomplishment. Before project management software became available, you had to wait days for updates and progress reports on where your project was headed to. Remember when file access to work sheets and documents took forever to get? These problems now seem to be distant memories of our past career nightmares.

With the birth of ERP and project management tools, you now enjoy accessible data that’s regularly updated and cascaded to people who need to be kept on the loop. With technology continuing to evolve, management systems can now be accessed online, not only by team leads or project managers, but everyone who provides input crucial for the project to succeed. People who are used to the traditional style of project management don’t find this to their liking, but teams who are adaptive and contemporary have accepted and taken advantage of this change.

What aspects of SME project management are indispensable?

1. COMMUNICATION. Communication is without a doubt, one of the most, if not the most important factor in achieving success in project execution. No matter how great the plan is, without proper communication and channeling, the project will surely fall apart. Communicate and exchange ideas and do not keep problems to yourself, especially if it affects the whole team. The earlier they learn about the problem, the earlier you guys can find remedy.

2. HUMAN RESOURCE. Treat your people the way you’d want to be treated. Be strict when you need to be and don’t be afraid to implement discipline because that’s teaching them how to be professional.

3. DIVISION OF LABOR. Some lines need to be drawn clear so people know exactly how much control they have over a project. Be careful not to overstep boundaries. Never take advantage of employer-employee relationship to avoid conflict. An effective project manager always keeps himself posted but that doesn’t mean breathing on your subordinates’ neck. While some people really need guidance, some people work better when they’re left alone. Give sound advice and don’t force what you want if it isn’t the better option.

4. TIMELINES and DEADLINES. Be realistic with your deadlines. Don’t try to impress too much. Understand the fact that successful execution doesn’t solely depend on beating your deadline. More than that, you need to assess if you met the client’s or your boss’ expectations and targets.

5. WORKLOAD BULK. More projects mean more profit, but you also need to consult your people. Can your team still handle additional workload, or are you cramped for the next month or so? Push yourselves, but don’t overdo it.

Project Management SAP MSSC

6. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. As cliché as it sounds, you really need to choose wisely. Don’t throw away money on something that you haven’t tested or verified, you’re smarter than that. Test and test until you’re satisfied. If you feel like it’s not compatible with your small business, then pick another and then test again. SAP Business One by Mustard Seed is the multi-awarded management solutions software in the Philippines that is specifically designed for SMEs.

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