What is BI360 Business Intelligence?
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What is BI360 Business Intelligence?

BI360 is a business intelligence suite provided by Solver.  SAP Philippines by Mustard Seed Systems Corporation is the exclusive distributor of BI360 Business Intelligence in the Philippines.  It provides a complete Excel and web-based suite comprised of reporting and budgeting, dashboards and a pre-configured data warehouse.

Solver’s BI360 is a complete Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite with reporting, budgeting and dashboard modules. The BI360 suite also offers a data warehouse to combine your data sources and to empower all business users with self-service analytics critical to fast and efficient decision-making.

A closer look at BI360 Business Intelligence


BI360 Business Intelligence integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One.  It offers ultra-modern and user friendly reporting.  It is an easy-to-use report writer which offers Excel, web and mobile interfaces and provides finance professionals with powerful financial and operational reporting capabilities in a variety of layouts and presentation formats.



The budgeting module of BI360 Business Intelligence lets you create a very flexible, high value-added budgeting, forecasting and modeling solution.  It does not require the typical long implementation and high software cost of legacy planning solutions.



BI360 Business Intelligence utilizes the power of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) through its intuitive web portal.  All of your reporting and budgeting en user get free access to dashboards.  It unifies people and data which lets you visualize trends, identify issues and ultimately create success.  Create tons of reports using pre-made templates that are easy to use and very professional looking.


The data warehouse allows you to integrate and pull various data from your business.  It can be from SAP Business One, from other ERP software or from various other sources.  With BI360 Business Intelligence all your key data, whether in-house or cloud-based can be stored and made available for consolidated reporting, analysis and dashboards.

Watch the comprehensive video below about BI360 Business Intellgence and view some sample reports and basic knowledge on how it works.  It is a great ad-on for your SAP Business One.

If you are interested to explore more about BI360 Business Intelligence you can send us a message or call us at +63(2)535-SEED / 63(2)535-7333.

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