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Have you ever wondered, what is the secret of  How is it possible for a simple website to go live with up to the minute statistics delivered across fans worldwide?  In this article we will share with you this secret and how it can also help you become as robust and as successful as

Here are some basic information about


  • It has 450 million fans worlwide
  • It processes more than 4.5 Quadrillion combinations of statistics.
  • The website provide teams, media, and fans with access to their entire history of official statistics.

“Engaging with our fans is the most important thing that we can do…making sure that they feel close to the game.” – Mark Tatum, Deputy Commissioner, National Basketball Association

It is a task that seems to be impossible but they managed to do it.  Now, we are sharing with you their secret which you can also harness.  Watch the video below and know more about the secret of

Have you watched the video above?  Would you like to know more about how to utilize this secret?  CONTACT US now and we will tell you more about SAP and SAP Philippines by Mustard Seed.

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