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Mustard Seed Systems Corporation (MSSC) is a leading provider and distributor of business management solutions in the Philippines. For over 19 years, MSSC has established itself as a trusted partner of thousands of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country. Mustard Seed also prides itself as a multi-awarded SAP affiliate.

  • • SAP Partner of the Year Award 2017 - South East Asia
  • • SAP Excellence Award 2017 - Most Net New Names
  • • SAP Partner of the Year Award 2016 - Top Net New Names for Asia
  • • SAP Partner Award 2015 - Top Net New Names Asia Pacific and Japan
  • • SAP Partner Award 2015 - Small Business Solution Innovation
  • • SAP Excellence Award 2014 - Star Achiever Asia Pacific
  • • SAP Partner Award 2013 - Top Net New Names


Benefit from our expertise and experience

Benefit from an experienced team of expert and reputable consultants who have a profound understanding of SAP as well as finance; to design, deploy and manage SAP Business One implementation. Our technical consultants can facilitate configuration changes, develop reports and provide technical assistance.

Meet Your Needs with Our Customized Services

Run your business with a premium and world-class IT service that’s accessible to you and speaks your language. MSSC’s SAP Software Services offer a three-tier subscription package – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. We have a full range of services especially tailored to your business which can help you move forward at a greater speed and gain a competitive market edge.

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