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Who says that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software like SAP Business One is only for large, multi-national corporations? This powerful system is also for SMEs like you! With the right SAP Philippines Partner and the right customized package to implement for your organization, your diverse needs can now be addressed through the world’s #1 ERP software.

What is the right SAP package for you?

Small-Medium Business



SAP Philippines


Mustard Seed Systems Corporation is a prominent SAP provider in the Philippines. To date, it is recognized as an SAP Gold Partner in the country; and a proud receiver of 10 SAP awards for both local and international recognitions since 2010.
As the first SAP Philippines Partner to tap on the needs of SMEs, Mustard Seed has fully grasped the unique requirements of companies from various sectors for the past 20 years. To address the needs of growing businesses, MSSC customized SAP Business One packages, making it perfect for small, medium, or large-scale company’s ever changing demands.


With small workforce and initial funding from their own pockets, most startup like yours do their operations manually and avoid maximizing available tools in fear of it being costly. However, if your business is getting more clients – you might not be able to keep up with the demands if you continue doing everything in a spreadsheet. More customers mean more work for your limited employees, and if they are stuck with manual processes, this can cost more money and more room for error.
To help you sort this out, you can try the entry-level SAP Starter Package and enjoy managing your Financials, Sales, CRM, Inventory, and Purchasing operations in an automated system. From 2 Users to 5 Users package, our SAP Starter Package offers core functionalities that will help any startups escape manual spreadsheet nightmare without breaking the bank.

With SAP Starter Package, you can have:


More time to focus on growing your business


Stronger bottom line with centralized operations


Latest data for smarter, faster decisions

Small and


If your growing business has to use separate software for different operations and allot additional costs and manpower for maintenance, it’s time to consider our SAP Business One Package. With this solution, you can gain complete control over every aspect of your business through a comprehensive system and its robust add-ons that are not included in our Starter Package. Aside from eliminating the hassle of managing numerous systems, you can now enjoy a full visibility of your business performance with your data easily accessible within a centralized platform; which effectively improves interdepartmental collaboration and overall productivity.

With SAP Business One, you can:


Support your changing needs with easy-to-use customization tools and add-on modules


Be up and running within 6 to 8 weeks with a single application


Enjoy streamlined operations

Large Enterprises

Now that you’re a large enterprise with a large customer database and extensive operations, you need a low cost ERP package that delivers agility, scalability, and availability. The more advanced SAP on Demand Package is perfect for you because it enables SAP Business One to run on Microsoft Azure – a secured and scalable cloud platform from the world’s leading tech giant. By moving your ERP system to the cloud, you can now start competing without the additional cost of maintaining complex IT infrastructure. With Azure’s collection of integrated cloud services, your business can also enjoy enterprise-level products while optimizing your SAP platform to the fullest.
Another challenge for large enterprises like you is how to effectively handle your growing database. If your business headache is rooted from time-consuming data processing due to traditional disk memory databases, our SAP HANA Package is the perfect solution. Unlike commonly used SQL Servers, SAP HANA stores large volumes of database in multitenant containers which allows you to assign different memory and resource limits based on workload requirements. This method provides you powerful processing for higher workloads without affecting the efficiency of other tenant databases. With SAP HANA, you can perform advanced transactions, pull-out data anytime, and analyze information whether on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

Why operate with SAP Business One on Demand?

  • No need for on-premise servers
  • Have powerful data analytics for better and faster decision-making
  • Experience data security, privacy, and compliance
  • Enjoy enterprise-grade services
  • Minimized downtime for business continuity

Why switch to SAP HANA?

  • Have the power to handle bigger data
  • Real-time analytical and transactional capabilities
  • Scalable with dynamic database tiering
  • Flexible and compatible with your existing software
  • Robust security

Multi-location Businesses

Extending your operations by opening new branches in different cities means your dominating the competition. However, this expansion may disrupt business continuity if you don’t have the powerful software to manage your critical data across multiple locations. The most comprehensive and cloud-based SAP Business ByDesign Package features a dynamic ERP solution which enables you to manage key business functions whenever, wherever you need it. Powered by SAP HANA and built with multi-company, multi-currency, and mobile-ready functionalities, SAP Business ByDesign is built to help organizations like yours achieve speed and adaptability to compete and succeed in the global landscape.

Why run your business with SAP Business ByDesign?


Easy to learn and easy to use











If you’re still not sure what kind of package best fits your company, you can give us call at +63(2) 8535 7333 or send an inquiry by filling out this form. Our product experts will get in touch with you, and will give you a FREE demo on how SAP can be your best software partner.



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