SAP Hana


Gone are the days of time-consuming data processing due to traditional disk memory databases, technology has now brought us a new way to store and process our data – through In-memory databases like SAP HANA.

If you’re a business struggling to handle your growing database, SAP HANA can solve this issue because it can store and retrieve your data faster compared to other applications – allowing you to perform all transactions and analytical operations from a single system.

SAP HANA is a relational database management system which provides the next-generation, in-memory data management foundation for your solution – because your growing structure and unstructured data should be managed efficiently.

It can also perform advanced analytic processes such as:

  • - Predictive analytical data
  • - Text analysis
  • - Spatial data analysis
  • - Streaming analysis
  • - Graph Data analysis
SAP HANA is an OLTAP System. Its database structure is column-oriented and has the combined features of the OLAP (Online Analytical Programming System) and OLTP (Online Transaction Processing System) – it can do both analytical and transactional processing of your critical business information.




Database Services
-Manage large database volumes using multitenant database containers and in-memory database services, which results in high-speed transactions and analytics

Advanced Analytics Processing
-Leverage in-memory data processing capabilities to get answers for your business questions and make smart, real-time decisions

Data Access
-Access data from any internal or external source and integrate or replicate it into SAP HANA to gain a complete and accurate insight into your market performance

-Keep your operations running smoothly by simplifying system administration and IT operations with SAP HANA tools for monitoring and ensuring data security and availability

-SAP HANA is embedded in a robust, state-of-the-art security framework which supports compliance with the latest security standards and data protection regulations.



Have the power to handle bigger data
-Its machine learning and advanced analytic capabilities mean that vast amount of unstructured data can be processed, stored, and accessed with ease – allowing you to go beyond the Big Data trend.

Real-time analytic capability
-SAP HANA has built-in, accelerated business intelligence functionalities which drastically reduces the amount of time you process, load, and even perform the most comprehensive reports you need.

-With dynamic tiering, frequently accessed data remains in memory while less used data is automatically moved to the disk – enabling you to save more space. With this platform, growth is endless.

Flexibility and compatibility
-It’s one of the most versatile data solutions in the market. SAP HANA is compatible with a huge range of operating systems and you can also apply its new analytic capabilities to your existing software.


With SAP HANA, running simple in this ever-changing digital economy is no challenge. Whether you are using cloud technology or still on-premise, you can act with live intelligence, modernize for agility, and scale cost-effectively.

Want to know more about this multi-model data processing engine? Download the solution brief