SAP Business ByDesign

Gain transparency across your multiple local and international branches – manage them better, reduce costs and turn business complexity into simplicity with the most comprehensive cloud ERP solution for companies, SAP Business ByDesign.

Enterprises today grow modularly; spawning new divisions or subsidiaries to expand and address new products, product lines or penetrate new markets in foreign territories. However, this expansion may cause confusion and disrupt business continuity if you don’t have the right software partner. In order to be successful, these new ventures must interoperate smoothly and seamlessly.

SAP Business ByDesign is an innovative solution developed specifically for rapidly growing companies – integrating their departments and business processes to avoid growing pains that can hinder effective collaboration between their employees and customers. It is multi-company, multi-currency, and integrated solution that generates consolidated reports within minutes, reduces your server maintenance costs, and offer role-based viewing of data.

It features Analytics across all functional areas of your business for intelligent decision-making, Real-time connections to data, customers, partners, and suppliers, Technology that grows with your needs and provides a competitive advantage, Software that is easy to use, quick to implement, and simple to support, and Mobile-connectivity that empowers your entire workforce to execute faster transactions.

The newest cloud solution from SAP combines end-to-end processes across key business functions – from Accounting & Finance, CRM, Sales & Marketing, Service & Support, Human Resources, Corporate Performance, Sourcing & Procurement, Project Management, Warehouse & Logistics, Production, and Manufacturing & Supply Chain. It is also powered by SAP HANA – providing a whole new level of flexibility that enables you to adapt, enhance, and expand your business areas whenever you want it, wherever you want it.

SAP Business ByDesign is:

Easy to learn and easy to use

Featuring an intuitive user interface that minimizes the need for any trainings. Every area is designed in the same pattern, therefore, if you need to use another function, you can easily find it.


Configure your operations and organizational structure as your company expands its processes. This powerful software is flexible enough to meet your changing needs and requirements.


Provides uninterrupted access to its users through its mobile application – enabling end users to do business on the go.


The leading software designed to future-proof your enterprise. With all the capabilities you need to expand internationally, full implementation of SAP HANA Platform, and scalability statistics from 10 users to 8,000 users, growing your operations will never be a problem.


With integrated analytics for real-time and adaptable reporting, extensible KPI gallery for a 360-degree view, and role-based news and information feeds.


SAP Business ByDesign is built for integration. You can add functionality after functionality to comply with your specific needs without limitations.


ByDesign takes your business data security on a whole another level of protection with encrypted role-based permissions, activity monitoring, scheduled infrastructure scans, and more.

With SAP ByDesign as your software partner, you can:

  • • Adjust and expand business processes quickly and cost-effectively
  • • Accelerate innovations throughout your company based on solid insights for long-term competitive advantage
  • • Optimize financial processes, including financial accounting and cash flow management
  • • Promote employee potential through HR and self-services and give them direct access to information they need for their daily tasks
  • • Systemize project management
  • • Integrate production and logistics in supply chain, manufacturing, and purchasing support
  • • Comply with applicable laws, standards, and adapt to new industry demands without disrupting your current operations
  • • Quickly expand your processes without additional, costly IT support


Outstanding value

Support your company with software innovations that future-proofs your organization – at a reasonable price.

Fast track your ideal setup

Rapid implementation and intuitive configuration provides built-in learning, service, and support functions.

Next-generation user experience

Manage your dashboard and view business analytics, whether on a desktop, laptop or any mobile device.

More freedom to excel

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with efficient adaptation to new industry demands and activities without disrupting your ongoing business

Full transparency at virtually no risk

Rest easy knowing that your investment in the solution is secured and it will grow along with your company’s needs at a predictable cost


SAP ByDesign’s complete modules and functionalities is designed for both Product- and Service-centric Businesses, which is why it offers three user levels based on the complexity and the access you want to have. These are:

self-service-user-license-icon Self-service Users

This license is for employees who don’t use core ERP functionality but accesses specific modules such as purchasing, travel and expenses, human resources and more. The Self-service User license is divided into four types: Standard, SCM, CRM, and Project Management.

Team-user-license-icon Team Users

This is a perfect license for those people who need access to only one business area like sales force automation or basic reporting. It is a personalized license based on the role of the user and is classified into three types: CRM, SRM, and Project Management.

Enterprise Users

Enterprise user licenses are for your employees who take control of core functionality across multiple business areas, such HR, financial management, and CRM. This license is suitable for organizations that has 10 or more users. It is divided into two types: Standard (which includes all modules except Inventory) and Supply Chain Management.

Choose a comprehensive, highly user-oriented solution that offers your company, customers, and partners an array of advantages. Establish a solid foundation that supports and enables you to take total control of your local and international locations – because when you do business through SAP Business ByDesign, you can take advantage of change, build networks, and develop the confidence to take on larger competitors as you save your money.

If you are in search of a cloud-based ERP software that can help you expand your services quickly, consider deploying SAP ByDesign to your organization.

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