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Must-Have Project Management Software for Your Business

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Using multiple applications to handle all your business’ data can be confusing. This may result in multiple mistakes and may even compromise your company’s performance. That is why you need project management software to keep your business functions on track and your data organized.

Project management software is used for the planning and execution of different aspects of a company’s operation; from scheduling, resource allocation, etc. The software enables project managers, stakeholders, and business owners to be in total control of everything.

This kind of program is advantageous for any kind of business, which is why MARINGO partnered with SAP Business One to develop MARIProject. It’s an integrated program that features the project management capabilities of MARINGO and the ERP functionalities of SAP Business One.

MARIProject helps you monitor your project completely; from calculation, purchasing, time tracking, billing, resource management, and a lot more. It is comprehensive project management software guaranteed to make your business more profitable. MARIProject ensures reliable costing and saves you time. The customer relationship management information, from purchasing to planning can be seen together in the project costing chart, where different calculation methods are also available. You can also play through different budget versions, define various costing variants, or calculate revenues for each individual position of the contract.

This application can also be accessed through your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to put in data wherever you are as long as you have internet connection. Having up-to-date reports at your fingertips is beneficial for on-the-go business owners. The customer service of MARIProject includes two modules, one for ticket processing and the other for maintenance & repair operations.

Despite the large scope of functions of MARIProject, it is an affordable solution that provides powerful reports with the touch of a button.