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Be a superhero, this article will tell you how

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Avengers, Justice League, Watchmen, Guardians of the Galaxy, Voltez V, Daimos, Votron, and Power Rangers have one thing in common – they are a group of superheroes.  We have look up to them and for those who have seen them they are an inspiration, an idol, and an epitome of doing good.  Now, you have a chance to be like them – to be a superhero.

What if you can save homeless children?  What if you can change their future?

SAP Business One Around the World - Be a Superhero

We invite you to take part in a worldwide experience to build a kitchen for orphaned children in the Mukono District, of Uganda.  This country is one of the poorest nations in the world.  In 2012, 37.8 percent of the population lives on less than $1.25 a day.  Poverty remains deep-rooted in the country’s rural areas, which are home to 84 percent of Ugandans.

SAP Philippines by Mustard Seed is supporting, SAP Business One‘s campaign and commitment to the communities in which they operate in around the world.  SAP Business One has recently reached the goal of 50,000 customers around the world and as a SAP Gold partner, we want you to share this SAP milestone by showing the world that you have reached every corner of the globe.

Here’s how you can be a superhero

Be a superhero - SAP Business One Around the World

Take part in a worldwide experience with SAP Business One by taking a picture of a recognizable landmark in your city, municipality, or province holding the card that you can download here, and share in twitter with the hashtag #SAPBusinessOne.

For every photo you take and post on social media in 2016 SAP will donate 1 Euro to the building of a SAP Business One kitchen for orphaned children in the Mukono District, of Uganda.

Remember to follow these easy steps:

  • Print the card.
  • Take a picture holding the card.
  • Publish and share the picture using twitter adding the hashtags #SAPBusinessOne and the #city of the picture.
  • And share with your contacts.

We count with YOU to help this cause!

Now that you have read the formula, please share and pass it on.


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