CPE Foods

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The #1 ERP software is now ready to serve businesses in the manufacturing industry! We’re celebrating our successful implementation of SAP Business One to one of the leading manufacturing companies in the country for the last 25 years, CPE Foods. Now, their struggle to control everything – from Production Planning […]

MACC Philippines

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When MACC Philippines’ old software has failed to swiftly provide their expense reports resulting to project backlogs, they immediately looked for a more powerful system. And among the numerous providers they had met, they chose the expertise of Mustard Seed to implement the leading on-premise ERP solution, SAP Business One. […]

Lotrim Construction Inc.

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Construction companies like Lotrim Construction Inc. experienced difficulty in monitoring their project transactions, tracking income & expenses, managing inventory, and generating customized documents simultaneously. Mustard Seed accommodated all their requirements and implemented SAP Business One to seamlessly execute their key business functions within a single, powerful ERP system. Just like […]

Gateway Logistics Inc.

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  To provide cutting-edge transportation and shipping support to different industries, Gateway Logistics Inc. had implemented the leading on-premise ERP software to handle their Accounting and Logistics processes. Now, they find it easier to manage all transactions across their extensive project record with the help of SAP Business One.